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Protect Your Home from Hurricanes and Storms in Alachua County

Prepare for hurricanes and storms with Alachua Door Company’s extensive range of protection solutions. Our products meet local building code requirements to ensure safety and compliance wherever they are installed, including:

Our Hurricane and Storm Protection Products

Magnum - Roll Shutter

Our Magnum Roll Shutters serve as both security doors and hurricane shutters in smaller sizes. Our unique “end retention system” removes storm bars for quieter, smoother operation while maintaining strong protection. Magnum shutters meet strict global building codes, providing exceptional safety and ease of use.

Storm Tex - Hurricane Screen

Our Storm Tex – Hurricane Screen features a compact design and serves dual purposes as a retractable hurricane and privacy screen. Our special “end retention system” uses a bullet zip keder , ensuring smooth operation, efficient rolling, smaller housing, and better protection. These screens meet strict international and domestic building codes, guaranteeing excellent safety and performance.

Barracuda - Roll Shutter

Our Barracuda- Roll Shutters provide hurricane protection that meets code requirements in a compact design. Similar to our Magnum shutters, Barracuda shutters use an end retention system that eliminates the need for storm bars. They surpass the highest standards of international and domestic building codes.

HDX - Accordion Shutter

Our HDX Accordion Shutters are crafted to protect sliding glass doors, windows, or entire balconies. They’re tested to meet or exceed Florida’s building code regulations and the highest industry standards for hurricane protection.